Friday, July 3, 2009

1920s inspired look

I have been wanting to do this look for awhile. Finally I had the time to sit down and experiment with this 1920s look. I took pictures in both color and black and white because the make up is so dark and intense that it looks better in black and white. Also, people in the 1920s apparently didn't smile, so with that going trend, I didn't either.

For Face:
Porcelain colored powder

Black pencil eyeliner all around the eyes and drawn into the crease. Smudge it out. Also define the eyebrows with dark brown gel. They had really thin, drawn on eyebrows during the 20s, I just defined mine more. Then for shadow I used a dark plum color to smoke out everything. I did use a light champagne color for the highlight and finished off with some black mascara.

Red lip liner pencil and dark plum lipstick. The cupid's bow was very popular then, so that is what I tried to go for.

I hope you all enjoy the look!