Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Natural Look

Since I only have mainly neutral colors in MAC eyeshadow (for now!) and in my last post I gushed about them here is an every day look. Pretty quick too when you only have like 20 minutes to get ready for class because you overslept :p

Face: Benefit's Some Kind of Gorgeous with That Gal primer. Benefit's Oh La Lift under eyes. BOING! concealer, Benetint on the cheek bones. Benefit's poweder in Georgia to set all it in place. (Yes I love Benefit face products if you could not tell)

Eyes: All that Glitters on the lid, WoodWinked in the crease and Grand Entrance is used as a highlight color. Sephora liquid eyeliner in Black on the upper lash line and Revlon pencil eyeliner in Black on the lower waterline. Mascara used is Fresh's Supernova and finally the eyebrows are touched up with Benefit's Browzings in Light.

Lips: Benetint

Sometimes serious is good

With Flash

Without Flash

MAC Eyeshadow Review

Before posting another look I wanted to do a product review. Ok, so what am I currently in love with?! MAC eyeshadow. I only own six colors and all are neutral colors except for one. I always heard good things about MAC but as stated in an earlier post never really checked them out until now. I will say their eyeshadow has lasted the longest over any other I have used. Their colors are so pigmented and they have 80+ colors to choose from. Not including the little jars of pigment that can be used not only for eyes, but lips, face and nails as well. I know, you're thinking, "but Ashley MAC is pretty expensive isn't it?" Yes and No. Their brushes definitely are an investment, but they work amazingly and last forever. So, yes, those are expensive. Everything else is very comprable. Their single eyeshadow pots are $14.50 each. Compare it to Lancome whose single eyeshadow is $18, NARS is $22, and Dior $24.50. With big names such as these it's really not that expensive. I mean in regard to drugstore brands it is somewhat pricey, but not overly so. Plus if you go to a MAC Pro store...there is one at NorthPark in the DFW area, you can buy the just the pans of single eyeshadow to put into a pallet for only $11. Okay, so you don't get the nifty little pot but you save $3.50, it's magnetic and you can put it all into a bigger pallet (they have a 4 count for $2 and the 15 count is $5 I think...) so yeah little tip there if you want to buy a few colors at one time. And if you do have MAC eyeshadows in the pot, you can de-pot them (look for ways on YouTube) or any other empty MAC container, just take 6 of these back to any MAC store and you will recieve a free MAC lipstick! Hopefully there are a few of you out there like me that was skeptical about trying MAC. Seriously, do it. It's amazing and you'll always keep coming back. I can't wait to save up and get some more products of theirs!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Satin Taupe and Black

This look I merely played around with. I had a birthday dinner to go to tonight and I had some extra time to work on blending dark colors into light ones and below is the final result. This look is actually inspired by lollipop26 on YouTube. She had a mix of Satin Taupe and Carbon (both MAC colors) and I thought it looked awesome. Plus, Satin Taupe is my new favorite color. I also got in my order of almost discontinued MAC eyeshadows and lipglass because they were from limited edition collections. I was really excited about that. I also thought the black eyeshadow I used was mine, but no it was my sorority twin's. Whoops, I have so much I forget what is mine. However, after using it I am definitely going to have to get this NARS color. I have Night Porter the dark green one and Night Flight the dark blue, but this was Night Breed the black with silver and I still want Night Fever the purple with red in it. Sorry those last couple of sentences were a bit random. I hope you enjoy the look!

Foundation: Benefit's Some Kind of Gorgeous mixed with Benefit's That Gal. Benefit's Oh La La under eyes. Benefit's HighBeam on cheek bones. Finished off with Benefit's powder in Georgia Peach.

Eyes: MAC Satin Taupe all over lid. NARS Night Breed in crease, blended with the Satin Taupe. MAC Grand Entrance as a highlight. Also on bottom lash line bring Night Breed half way down and then from the inner corner to rest of bottom lash line blend with Satin Taupe. Sephora liquid eyeliner in black on top lash line. Revlon black eye pencil on the waterline. Fresh's Supernova mascara and finally Benefit's Browzings in Light.

Lips: MAC Lipglass in Icescape

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Spell Cosmetics Finally Came In!

As many of you know I love watching YouTube make up tutorials. AllThatGlitters21 mentions Spell Cosmetics and being the make up lover that I am I checked them out. At a great time too because they were having a sale of 20% off everything and other great deals so I got a major Spell Cosmetics haul. They currently have on sale their "I'm a Spell Girl" kit that comes with everything you need to get started in mineral make up and they are in full sizes. You get your choice of one of their foundations, 3 eyeshadows, 1 gloss, 1 lipstick, 1 blush, and it comes with their Wet and Set mixing medium and finally you get a special VIP card that saves you 25% off everything and FREE SHIPPING for a YEAR!! All of this was only $39.99. So I encourage all who love make up, especially mineral make up to go to SPELL COSMETICS. Along with that I also got their PUMP collection of eyeshadows (set of 4), 2 lipsticks and a nail polish. Plus I also got another free eyeshadow and blush for putting in a special promo code. So I definitely encourage you to go to their website and stock up. I know I will be placing a second order very soon!

As for my look below, I actually took it from AllThatGlitters21 "Frosty Winter" look which you can watch there. I used all Spell Productions aside from my mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.

Foundation: Harmony in Porcelain

Eyes: Using the PUMP collection, I first put black eyeliner all over my lid because the color I used Aurora is actually pink, but being a duochrome is also has blue in it. So mixed with black you get this awesome blue-purple color. You can sort of see a hint of pink near the crease of my lid. In the outer corner I put in the dark purple Passion color. You can't really see it because one I didn't use the Wet and Set and two I'm not really good at putting a darker color there...yet! I did my best though. For a highlighter I used the champagne colored, Camille. Also, I brought the Aurora down to my bottom lash line. And finally I used Fresh's mascara in Supernova and Revlon's black eyeliner.

Cheeks: Spell Blush in Doll Face (love that name! :D)

Lips: Lancome lipstick in Pink Diamond

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Bella Cullen" round #2

As promised here is my second go of the "Bella Cullen" look. I need to add that this look was taken from Jjacks48 on YouTube. She gave me the initial idea for the look and I added my own style to it. I even curled my hair trying to have the same hair style as Bella Swan in Twilight. I'm not really good at curling my hair but nonetheless it was good practice. In the photos below you will see that I'm not as white as in the first round. I wanted to make this look something you could wear out and not be so theatrical. So unlike the first go, it is very toned down. I'm actually a bit whiter than the camera shows, but the pictures turned out decent enough. I did change some of the product used which as always I will list below. Enjoy!

Foundation: Cover Girl Aquasmooth in Ivory. MAC pigment in Polished Ivory.

Cheeks: Loreal Hip pigment in Brazen. This is also under the eyes and on the bridge of nose. If you put it on too dark than go over the area again with the Polished Ivory.

Eyes: MAC eyeshadow in Satin Taupe, put all over eye lid up to crease. Lancome Garnet Shimmer in the inner corner of eyes. And a pink white shimmer as highlight. Eyebrows done with Benefit's BrowZings in Light. Pencil eyeliner on the bottom and water lash line in Merle Norman Silver Taupe. Finally, Bourjois mascara in Cranberry.

Lips: Benefit's Silky Finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin'

First Post of 2009

Happy Belated New Years! I hope it was a lovely start to a year for all. I'm actually putting this look up kind of late because I did this look on December 30th while experimenting with my new Dior "Twilight" palette. Therefore, I'm calling this the non-movie "Twilight" look. I will say it turned out lighter than I expected but overall I was happy with the results.

What was used:

Foundation: Cover Girl Aquasmooth in Ivory with MAC Bloc pressed powder in Light.

Eyes: Dior's 5 color eye shadow in Twilight. First put the light silver color all over the lid up to the crease. On the out part of the lid make a V-shape with the navy blue color also adding the black for a more depth look. On the upper lash line and the lower lash line outline with the light blue color. Highlight the brow bone with a shimmery pink-white color. Sephora's Liquid eyeliner in Black on top lash line and Revlon's waterproof pencil eyeliner in Black on the eye's water line. Finish with Fresh's mascara in Supernova.

Eyebrows: Benefit's BrowZings in Light

Cheeks: Benetint

Lips: Benefit's Good to Go mixed with a pink highlighter