Wednesday, December 31, 2008

See you next year!

Well this will be the last post before 2009! Just an update, since my last pictures turned out a bit too white for me and not natural enough like in the movie itself I am going to do a round two of the "Bella Cullen" look. I went back to MAC yesterday and picked up the Polished Ivory pigment so hopefully with that I will have better results.

I am actually new to the whole MAC make up as odd as it sounds since I literally collect and have all different kinds of make up. I actually got turned on to MAC by watching many make up tutorials on YouTube. I must say that my three favorite channels are: panacea81, Jjacks48, and AllThatGlitters21. And it would seem that I am way behind in the awesomeness that is MAC. I will definitely be working on that collection this coming year. One of my sorority sisters last night at dinner asked me what brands that I used predominately and in all honesty I use a wide variety. However, my top 4 (yeah I know weird number, but I couldn't think of a 5th...soon to be MAC though!) is Lancome, Clinique, Benefit and Dior.

Lancome: I personally love their eyeshadow colors and their lipsticks I have found wear quite well. My current favorite eye palette is their Fall 2008 Runway. It has wonderful brown, wine and neutral colors in it, a definite Fall must have.

Clinique: I do use their skincare line, especially the moisturizer. I don't really use a lot of their eyeshadow's but my one favorite palette is from the Black Honey gift set from last year: it has a trio of pink highlight, brown matte and copper shimmer, a great day look. It also came with the amazing Black Honey lipstick/gloss. Another one of my faves that I use often.

Benefit: They are wonderful for skin brightening products. I personally love "That Gal" mixed with my "Some Kind of Gorgeous" for a light, shimmery cover. I also love the "Benetint" for lips and cheeks. It's great for a quick, natural look. When I have about 10 minutes to put on make up, I swipe some on my cheeks, then my lips add some shimmer gloss to it and volia! I'm good to go. I also absolutely love the "Georgia Peach" powder. And out of all their powders it really does smell the best, if you love peaches.

Dior: I actually don't have a lot of Dior make up, but I do like their eyeshadow's as well. If you couldn't tell I collect eyeshadow's. Which why it is so odd I haven't gotten into MAC yet since they are known for their highly pigmented shadows. I will say that Dior does have nicely pigmented shadows as well, probably a reason I am a fan of their line too.

As for other products, my current favorite mascara is the Fresh "Supernova" which I received as a Christmas gift. This mascara lengthens and gets almost every lash. I love how thick it makes my eyelashes and I'm pretty picky about my mascara. As for eyeliners go, I use the cheaper stuff. For my lower water line I use the Revlon waterproof black pencil eyeliner. And for the top line on my lid I use Sephora's liquid eyeliner in black. Though for my lower lash line, I usually smudge whatever lighter eyeshadow I'm wearing for the day also. And finally since high school I have used Cover Girl's Aquasmooth foundation. I adore it, it gives me great coverage that is not too heavy.

There you have it for my top favorite make up brands along with some of my favorite products. Remember, everyone is different so what works for me might not work for you. Though I always find it convenient to learn about different products/brands from people, especially what doesn't work, which will definitely be a future blog. I hope everyone has a great New Years!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

because these days vampires are "in"

Since I like to experiment with make-up and I'm not tech-savvy enough for YouTube I have decided to start this blog in honor of all my make-up inspired looks. I feel this is a bit more private and less narcissistic than posting all the pics on Facebook.

To start off I have "tried to" do an inspired look from the ever so popular movie, Twilight. Below are the pics of my trying to do a Bella Cullen look...(if she were to turn into a vampire ;) ) I know some of you may have not read the entire series, so I would rather not ruin it for you, but I'm sure many of you could guess what happened. And so here it is, my first attempt:

Foundation: Cover Girl Aqua Smoother in Ivory, MAC Bloc/Pressed Powder in Light (actually used in Twilight) and MAC pigment in True White

Cheekbones/Undereye/bridge of nose: HIP pigment in Brazen

Eyes: Dior 5 shadow compact in Twilight, Clinque eyeshadow in copper penny, Merle Norman eyeline in Silver Taupe, Bourgeois mascara in Cranberry, Benefit eyebrow palette in Light

Lips: Benefit's Silky Finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin' (actually used in Twilight on all the vamps lips, yes even Rob's!)